Singapore Travel Guides

Best Ways to Get from Singapore Changi Airport to City Image credit: sarayuth3390

How to get from Changi Airport to city? This question will surely come to your mind shortly after your airline ticket(s) is booked.

Changi Airport, which is located at the eastern end of Singapore, is one of the busiest airports in Asia. Let’s take a look at all the options available for visitors to travel from the airport to a central location or hotels.

After getting through those transporting ways, you will know exactly which transport modes suit you better. Because the pros can cons and all the details, including ticket fares, operating hours, travel time, and service schedule, will be listed for your consideration.

And most importantly, our experience about locality is infused into the article so that you can get some pieces of advice from people have been living in Singapore for many years.

Best Ways to Get Around in Singapore Image credit: southtownboy

Singapore, a small island nation in Southeast Asia, has one of the most cost-effective public transport networks in the world. The transport system is fast and efficient due to the country’s systematic, extensive, and comprehensive network of roads.

This system will whizz you to most places without fuss. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) strictly controls and monitors the growth and use of private vehicles to minimize traffic and curb road congestion.

If you’re going to set foot in Singapore for the first time, the following guide to transportation will help you figure out the convenient transport modes to get around the city comfortably.

The 10 Best Things to Do in Singapore

Singapore is a city of many contrasts.

It is small in size but big in surprises that are hidden in every nook and cranny.

The city attracts the rich to come and play yet it is also endearingly claimed as the second home of simpler folks.

Historical shophouses and pre-war buildings stand strong against the backdrop of modern skyscrapers and architectural wonders.

The gustatory delights range from the exquisite creations of classy restaurants to the tasty treats of hawker stalls.

Shoppers can splurge on luxurious stuff at high-end shops or haggle for a good bargain at the street markets.

The diversity of Singapore’s attractions is evident in the following list of top 10 things to do. Choose what tickles your fancy or dive into an adventure that you have never done before. The choice is yours!