Exclusive Macau Postcards

Macau Travel Guides / April 18, 2017
Exclusive Macau Postcards Image credit: Macau Creations

Macau Creations is a beautifully designed and fun store to visit. They have a very cute little pop up store which has its own postcard station. Here you can purchase all sorts of authentically designed Macau postcards. Some of the best postcards to buy are the one which have photographic images on with famous Macanese landmarks.

What is even better is that you can write on these postcards in the store and purchase the stamps which you need. There is a little red post box where you can actually put your cards in after writing in them and the store will take the responsibility of sending out the postcards for you. What an absolute pleasure and delight. They are super affordable, cute and the images depict Macau cultures and traditions.

This is an exciting and novel concept for both friends and family, surprising them with authentic and personalized post cards from Macau. Due to their affordability you can send one to each family member and close friend back home.

5 for 35 MOP (Excludes stamp costs)

Macau Creations – T1, Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre, Macau

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