Shanghai Silk

Shanghai Travel Guides / May 05, 2017
Shanghai Silk Image credit: Aaron Goodman

Shanghai is literally “silk heaven”, you will find all different types of silk in different colors and styles all over. You can expect to find everything from bed sheets to dresses. Your other option is to buy the fabric and pay per meter you could then take this home and make your very own silk goods of your own choosing.

When it comes to the beautiful world of silk in Shanghai, your choices are literally limitless. You could have fun visiting markets and street stores, in which case the prices are negotiable and you can even try your luck at bargaining. If you are looking for quality over quantity then you could go direct to one of the stores that specialize in high quality silk. Whatever you choose, it is guaranteed to bring joy to the people’s lives back home, as they can get a real feel of Shanghai.

Female friends, a sister or sister in law and your mother

Easy to manage

At your local markets prices are negotiable. In stores the prices start from $8 per meter.


  • Shi Liu Pu Cloth Market
  • Silk King-Tianping Rd
  • Jiannan Silk Shopping Center
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