Cat Street

Hong Kong Travel Guides / September 06, 2016
Cat Street Image credit: strippedpixel

Cat Street, formally known as Upper Lascar Row, is a 200-meter long street filled with more than 30 stalls selling antique stuff. The two neighboring antique markets, Cat Street and Hollywood Road, make this old part of Hong Kong a must-visit for any travelers.

It is a visit to browse or buy real historic items. Fine replicas are the target sometimes.


  • A street to buy low price antiques: Unlike adjacent Hollywood Street where top quality antiques are offered for serious hunters, Cat Street showcases inexpensive yet authentic pieces of antiques and curios. Snuff bottles, jade, silk, embroideries, wooden works of art, vintage postcards, and Bruce Lee movie posters are worth-checking-out stuff among others.
  • Cheap souvenirs and other products are also available: A trip to this famous street can satisfy us with unusual pieces of books, pictures, and Hong Kong postcards and posters to bring home as gifts. Chinese ceramics and tax-free products like carpets from The Middle East are cheap here.

What are on offer: Chinese coins, jade bracelets, jewelry, silk, fabrics, embroideries, porcelain, copperware, paintings, wooden handicraft items, Mao memorabilia, posters from Cultural Revolution, and old articles of watches, pens, telephones, and toys.

Opening hours: Daily 11:00 – 18:00

Location: Upper Lascar Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island

How to get there: Alight at Sheung Wan Station, take Exit A2, walk along Hillier Street to Queen’s Road Central then climb up the stairway to Lascar Row.

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