Dim Sum

Hong Kong Travel Guides / October 06, 2016
Dim Sum Image credit: ne3p/123rf

When in doubt of what to get for a meal, stick to what the city is well known for. And here in Hong Kong, it has to be dim sum.

Literally meaning “touch your heart,” these bite sizes of happiness come in various forms. And with over 2000 dim sum items that Hong Kong’s creative chefs has to offer, it is indeed impossible not to love one.

These morsels are usually made of meat or seafood with vegetables, wrapped in a translucent wheat starch or flour rice skin.

You can have them pan-fried, deep-fried, steamed or baked. Dip these gems in a mixture of soy sauce, vinegar and chili and different flavors will excitingly burst into your mouth.

Pair this with their traditional tea and you’re in for a supreme dining experience.

Here are the best places to get dim sum in Hong Kong.

  • TIM HO WAN | Sham Shui Po
    For a Michelin-Star dim sum experience at rock-bottom prices
    What to order: Barbecue pork buns, Beef balls, Siu mai, Pig liver cheung fun, 6 wasabi salad prawn dumpling, Prawn vermicelli rolls
    Price range: HK $12 to 30 ($1.55 to $3.87)
    When: 09:00 – 21:30 daily
    Where: G/F, 9-11 Fuk Wing Street, Hong Kong
    For the most authentic and delicious dim sum since 1926
    What to order: Lotus paste buns, Glutinous rice dumplings, Steamed chicken wrapped with bean curd, Soft-shell crab
    Average price/pax: HK$90 ($11.60)
    When: 06:00 – 15:30; 18:00 - 23:00 daily
    Where: 160-164 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
  • ONE DIM SUM | Mong Kok
    For consistently good dim sum and flavorsome local desserts
    What to order: Fried dumpling with salted meat, Steamed shrimp dumpling, Fried egg sticks with condensed milk, Turnip cake
    Price range: HK $14 to $22 ($1.80 to $2.84)
    When: 11:00 – 00:00 Mon to Sat, 10:00 – 00:00 Suns
    Where: Shop 1-2, Ground Floor, Kenwood Mansion, 15 Playing Field Rd (at Tung Choi St), Hong Kong
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