Enjoy a real Dim Sum feast

Hong Kong Travel Guides / September 18, 2016
Enjoy a real Dim Sum feast Image credit: joesayhello

Hong Kong is the kind of culinary destination that makes travelers come back for more delicious food. On the city’s appealing food scene, dim sum stands out as a shining star.

Historically, dim sum was eaten as a snack, paired with tea. However, this specialty has evolved into a full meal that is enjoyed by locals any time of the day.

To those who are alien to Chinese cuisine, a dim sum meal usually consists of steamed stuffed buns, dumplings, and fried rolls. These are served in small plates or steamer baskets. Soy sauce, chili, and vinegar go with the food as dipping to add an extra punch.

Dim sum is the masterpiece of Hong Kong cuisine. Each item is a result of love and skill. The dish is pretty to watch and delicious to taste. It is often said that Hong Kong is where to have the best dim sum in the world. So don’t miss out your chance.

Great dim sum restaurants are accessible at almost every corner of the city for us to satisfy our craving. And most importantly, dim sum is surely filling to the tummy and easy on the pocket!

Best dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong
Tim Ho Wan tops the list of amazing dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong. This Michelin-star eating place is popular for serving top-notch dim sum at very affordable prices. You may have to wait for your food, no matter which branch among its six locations you pay a visit, but it’s totally worth every waiting minute.

For a traditional dim sum experience, head to Lin Heung Tea House. The place is reminiscent of old teahouses where strangers share tables amid the flurry of servers and customers. Treat your palate wonderful flavors of pork dumplings and sticky rice in lotus leaf. Feeling exotic? Have some tripe and chicken feet!

Yan Toh Heen is perfect for those who are learning to appreciate dim sum. Located at InterContinental hotel, this 2-Michelin-star restaurant offers a great view of Victoria Harbour. Try out their bestselling Yan Toh Heen Superior Dumplings.

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