Hong Kong Minibuses

Hong Kong Travel Guides / October 22, 2016
Hong Kong Minibuses Image credit: ymgerman

Minibuses, which are also called public light buses, are widely used by locals. A minibus can carry maximum 16 people.

There are two types of minibuses: red and green.

Red minibuses can pick up passengers wherever they are hailed and stop at a passenger’s request. This is the only type of bus in Hong Kong that the driver gives you change. Octopus card can be used on certain routes.

Green minibuses make designated stops so it won’t stop just anywhere you ask along the fixed route (like red minibuses do). No change is given in green minibuses as you have to put cash in the box or use the Octopus card.

Minibuses are a fun way to get around in Hong Kong, but it’s more preferred if you know at least some Chinese, because some minibuses have all the info (about fares and routes) in Chinese and drivers don’t speak English.

Minibus hours: 24 hours for major routes

Minibus schedule: Every 10 to 15 minutes

Minibus fares: From HK$7 ($0.9) to HK$40 ($5.2) for red minibuses; HK$3 ($0.4) to HK$24 ($3) for green minibuses

Note: If a minibus is full, it won’t stop to pick up new passengers.

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