Pineapple Buns

Hong Kong Travel Guides / October 13, 2016
Pineapple Buns Image credit: Dennis Wong/Flickr

Don’t be deceived by its name. Pineapple buns don’t have a bit of pineapple in them. What they have, however, is a slab of melted butter in the middle of a pillowy soft and sweet bun. The combination instantly turns you into a devotee once you get a taste of these toothsome delights.

Loved by locals for more than 70 years, it has been named such for the criss-cross pattern on top of the sugary bun that resembles a pineapple. It is a classic and humble recipe that goes very well with Hong Kong’s traditional teas and coffee.

For as low as HK$5 ($.64) a piece, you get a divine treat that will easily fill your tummy. Start your morning with a piece or two for a bright, sunshiny day ahead of you.

Here are the best places to get pineapple buns in Hong Kong.

    For delectable pineapple buns that people patiently queue up for
    What to order: Pineapple buns, Egg tarts, Chicken wings, Milk tea
    Price range: HK$12 to $31 ($1.55 to $4.00)
    When: 06:30 - 12:00 daily
    Where: 47 Bute Street, Prince Edward, Hong Kong
    For scrumptious and affordable breakfast fare, 24/7
    What to order: Chicken rice, Fish ball noodles, Pineapple buns
    Price range: HK$20 to $70 ($2.56 to $8.95)
    When: 24 hours daily
    Where: 15-19 Wellington Street, Hong Kong
    For freshly-baked desserts and savory dishes
    What to order: Pineapple buns, Baked chicken pies, Egg tarts, Milk teas
    Price range: HK$20 to $46 ($2.56 to $5.88)
    When: 06:30 - 19:00 daily
    Where: G/F, Spring Garden Mansion, 41 Spring Garden Lane, Wan Chai, HK
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