Shop at street markets

Hong Kong Travel Guides / September 18, 2016
Shop at street markets Image credit: fazon

Hong Kong is famous all over the world as a shopper’s paradise. Modern malls have developed in harmony with traditional markets. Among the city’s myriad shopping venues, street markets are a real hit.

It is often said that shoppers can buy just about anything at frenetic stalls of those open markets. Clothing, accessories, footwear, electronics, antiques, souvenirs, kitchenware, and pet products are common finds at a typical street market.

But Hong Kong street market fun doesn’t end there. Delicious food and enjoyable street performances are often added in to complete the experience.

Buying things at street markets is a way to shop like a local. They are the best places to get a wide variety of goods at low prices. We can even bring the rates lower with some haggling.

A trip to any street market is an immersion in the common life of Hong Kong residents. The local culture is evident in the street decors, stall displays, appetizing food, blaring music, and the crowd of locals.

Best street markets in Hong Kong
The Temple Street Night Market is the pulsating heart of Hong Kong street market life. Retail stalls, food vendors and fortune tellers abound at this 600-metre stretch. Street performances and Chinese opera wafting from Tin Hau Temple give the place an entertaining touch.

Fa Yuen Street Market is a hidden gem located in Mongkok. It is also called Sneaker Street for its wide array of sports footwear. The southern end of the street is a weekend open-air market where other products are sold at cheap prices.

Granville Road at Tsim Sha Tsui is popular among shoppers as a venue for low-priced branded products. There are around 20 factory outlets settled along the street, offering clothes and shoes from famous brands like Bossini, Apex, Hang Ten, Millies Shoes and Union Shoes.

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