Stroll along Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

Hong Kong Travel Guides / September 19, 2016
Stroll along Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade Image credit: Elnur

Tsim Sha Tsui forms a cape at the tip of the Kowloon Peninsula. It is a major activity hub where people converge on to take in the dazzling view and vibrant vibe of the city.

The whole area of Tsim Sha Tsui is packed with retail shops, restaurants, and museums. Most of the top hotels are also located there.

Over time, Tsim Sha Tsui has become known as a fashionable locale where the rich and famous come and play.

The promenade at Tsim Sha Tsui is a free public space with a spectacular view.

The area may be famous for its high-end shops, fancy restaurants, and luxury hotels, but anybody can have fun at Tsim Sha Tsui without spending a lot of money.

For starters, you can take a cheap ferry ride across Victoria Harbour and get off at Tsim Sha Tsui terminal. Walk along the promenade and enjoy the harbour view with Victoria Peak at the background. Marvel at the architecture of famous landmarks and buildings. Sit quietly on a bench and observe an ongoing photo shoot.

Wanna feel like a model? Grab your camera and ask a friend or a friendly stranger to take your photos!

Things to do at Tsim Sha Tsui
Walk along the Avenue of the Stars, Hong Kong’s version of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. The avenue is embedded with star plaques and hand prints of Hong Kong’s movie icons. Can you find Jackie Chan’s star?

Learn a bit of history at the Hong Kong Museum of Art. The museum houses over 16,000 historical art works and antique Chinese treasures.

Take a journey to outer space at the Hong Kong Space Museum. This egg-shaped landmark is home to the Stanley Ho Space Theatre and the Hall of Space Science. The Hall of Astronomy is located at the planetarium’s west wing.

Watch a film or musical at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. There is always something going on at the centre so check out the schedule on its website

Culminate your stroll at the historical Clock Tower. Built in 1915, this 44-metres high tower used to be part of the Kowloon–Canton Railway terminal. The station is now long gone but the tower remains standing as a witness to the history of Chinese immigration in Hong Kong.

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