Hong Kong Taxis

Hong Kong Travel Guides / October 22, 2016
Hong Kong Taxis Image credit: efired

Compared with other big modern cities in the world, Hong Kong’s taxi services are not too expensive. However, it’s still not the cheap way to get around in Hong Kong.

It’s also not the best option during rush hours, because Hong Kong roads tend to get crowded during these hours. Also, you can’t catch a taxi at bus stops and other restricted areas (where the curb is painted yellow).

As for the cost, let’s do some math. If you need to go from central Hong Kong to Manly Plaza, the city’s major shopping area, you’d spend about HK$90 ($11.6) for taxi fee.

If you use a tram, you’d spend only HK$2.3 ($0.3). HK$4.1 ($0.5) is the cost if you take a bus. You see, knowing which modes of transportation are more cost-efficient helps save your budget.

A good part of Hong Kong taxi services is that most of their taxis have a card that lists the city’s top 50 destinations in English, Japanese and Chinese.

And since most Hong Kong taxi drivers don’t speak English, you should have your destination written down on a piece of paper in Chinese (if you can ‘draw’ or have a Chinese friend).

Taxi hours: 24 hours

Taxi fares
– Red taxis: HK$22 ($2.84) for first 2 km; HK$1.6 ($0.2) per every subsequent 200 meters
– Green taxis: HK$18.5 ($2.4) for first 2 km; HK$1.4 ($0.18) per every subsequent 200 meters
– Blue taxis: HK$17 ($2.2) for first 2 km; HK$1.4 ($0.18) per every subsequent 200 meters

– You’ll be charged HK$5 ($0.6) for each piece of luggage (except light personal handbags).
– If the taxi goes through any harbor tunnel that charges a toll, you’ll have to pay the taxi driver the toll x 2, to cover the fee for him to return to his starting place.

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