The 10 Best Budget Shopping Places in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Travel Guides / September 08, 2016
The 10 Best Budget Shopping Places in Hong Kong

To many Asian ladies, a mention of Hong Kong fashion makes their eyes twinkle. For centuries, Hong Kong has been a fashion icon. The city lives up to its reputation even now.

On offer are the latest designs of local and international brands. The variety is huge. The fashion malls are countless. And most importantly, prices are varied.

Budget-conscious travelers can find good deals at street markets, wholesale malls and factory outlets. Anything that Hong Kong is famous for, such as fashion clothes, accessories and antiques, is covered at these wallet-friendly shopping places.

Don’t forget to give your wardrobe a face-lift by adding in a few new items from renowned Hong Kong brands like Bossini, G2000, Giordano, Baleno and Bess.

Continue reading our list of top 10 budget shopping places in Hong Kong to know where to hunt for something cool. If you have only a minute to read, then scan through the Highlights below to get the overview picture quickly.

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1. Temple Street Night Market

Temple Street Night Market Image credit: paulwongkwan


  • Hong Kong’s largest and liveliest night market for a fun night out: No doubt, it is a good place to shop. If you are not out for buying anything, you can have a fun browsing there and get excited with the buzzing vibe, entertaining street performances, and tasty street food.
  • A place to shop low price souvenirs: Many kinds of products can be bought home as a gift such as handicrafts, tea sets, jade articles, antiques, trinkets, T-shirts and embroidered Chinese jackets. Most of the selling souvenirs are at same designs and quality, your mission is hunting for the vendors offering the best bargains.

2. Granville Road

Granville Road Image credit: Terry Chay/Flickr


  • A street with trendy yet affordable fashion that suits the young perfectly: Fashionistas can find stylish designs of clothes, shoes and bags at myriad small fashion boutiques at this street market. The place is well-loved just because it feeds our beauty on fashion choices from the best Asian fashion hubs including Hong Kong, Korea and Japan.
  • Brand name products at discounted prices are available at about 20 factory outlet stores settled among small boutiques. Expect to get very good buys of clothes and shoes from Bossini, Alena, Apex, Hang Ten, Millies Shoes, Union Shoes, Stock Mark, Vigo Fashion, Westwood, YOU YU Shoes, Mass Mass, and Sample Nook.

3. Fa Yuen Street

Fa Yuen Street Image credit: fazon


  • A sport shoe heaven: Also known as sneaker street, Fa Yuen Street is where many Hong Kong young generations come to get their sport footwear since the 1980s. All selling brands are genuine, ranging from cheap local running shoes to expensive options like Jordan. This is a place to buy you a low price pair of shoes from Converse, Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, K-Swiss, Merrell, and New Balance.
  • A good mix of products for both ladies and men: While sport shoes and electronics galore at the market is a must-buy for men, fashion stuff is a cannot-miss for ladies. Dresses in Asian fashion styles is shinning alongside belts, hats, handbags, and accessories. Prices are as good as $10 for a latest design pair of shoes, $8 for a trendy dress and $3 for a camera bag.

4. Cat Street

Cat Street Image credit: strippedpixel


  • A street to buy low price antiques: Unlike adjacent Hollywood Street where top quality antiques are offered for serious hunters, Cat Street showcases inexpensive yet authentic pieces of antiques and curios. Snuff bottles, jade, silk, embroideries, wooden works of art, vintage postcards, and Bruce Lee movie posters are worth-checking-out stuff among others.
  • Cheap souvenirs and other products are also available: A trip to this famous street can satisfy us with unusual pieces of books, pictures, and Hong Kong postcards and posters to bring home as gifts. Chinese ceramics and tax-free products like carpets from The Middle East are cheap here.

5. Golden Computer Arcade and Golden Computer Center

Golden Computer Arcade and Golden Computer Center Image credit: Alexander Synaptic/Flickr


  • A tech mecca to get build-to-order computers at low-cost prices: Anything that makes up a dream computer can be customized to users’ needs – main board, RAM, graphic card, sound card, hard disk, monitor and so on. Whether you want a computer to do graphic design or to play game, this mecca has got you covered.
  • Best place to purchase games in Hong Kong: Most of the shops on the first floor of this so-called computer building is dedicated to selling all things game. Latest games are always in the spotlight here. The show also celebrates game machines and accessories. If you can’t get a discount on your purchases, then ask for extra accessories to be thrown in.

6. Apliu Street Flea Market

Apliu Street Flea Market Image credit: Wing1990hk/Flickr


  • A flea market that men will like: Imagine a market just for gadgets of all kinds, even something we can’t give it a category. Steal the show are electrical and electronic devices. Savvy local shoppers visit this place to find second-hand bargains on game devices, mobile phones, tablets, cameras and photography equipment. Prices can start as cheap as a few dollars.

7. Ladies Street

Ladies Street Image credit: Richo in OZ/Flickr


  • Budget buys of fashion articles are the best deals here: Its name would suggest that the offering products are for ladies only, but there are actually things for everybody. Jeans, T-shirts, bags and shoes are stuff to pay more attention among many others. Expect to get 20 to 30% discount for single buys and 50% for bulk purchases of 4 items and above.
  • There is street food to recharge energy: Hong Kong favorites like dim sum and won ton noodles are surely an adrenaline rush. Who can resist the lure of BBQ octopus and cuttlefish there? Exotic dishes like pork intestines and lungs are something to go more adventurous after the first thrilling dose got from shopping tour. Prices range from 50 cents to 2 dollars for foods and drinks there.

8. China Hong Kong City

China Hong Kong City Image credit: ISA Boutique


  • Plenty of factory outlets under one roof: There are over 20 outlet stores calling China Hong Kong City home. Esprit, G2000, Miss Sixty, Tonino Lamborghini, LaFuma and ISA Boutique often offer good bargains. Discount can be up to 80%.
  • Convenient location: Connected to Hong Kong China Ferry Terminal, this outlet mall is on the ferry routes to mainland China and Macau. It is convenient for those who just need a quick shopping at the last minute.
  • Comfortable shopping environment: Sharing space with other shops at a bright, air-conditioned building, outlet stores at China Hong Kong City give shoppers a more relaxing venue to shop, compared with other budget shopping places in town.

9. Cheung Sha Wan Road

Cheung Sha Wan Road Image credit: chopsticks7/Flickr


  • Hong Kong wholesale street market: This place is recommended to those have a need of getting more than one single piece of clothes at one store. If that is you, expect to have good quality stuff at very cheap prices there. Four articles is the starting number to be counted as bulk-buy.
  • Retail sale is one of the business ways there: This fashion street is famous for its wholesale deals. But don’t let the word wholesale put you off. There are many stores welcome retail walk-in shoppers. $2 for a piece of casual clothing, is it cheap enough?
  • A place to look for oversized clothes in Hong Kong: Many think that a wholesale market may stock oversized garments. Yes, it is correct there at Cheung Sha Wan Road. There are a few shops center their business in this niche. Come to Cheung Sha Wan if you can’t find the huge-sized shirts, T-shirts, jackets and sweaters elsewhere.

10. Hong kong Industrial Centre

Hong kong Industrial Centre Image credit: chopsticks7/Flickr


  • Hong Kong wholesale mall: Some compares this mall to Platinum Fashion Mall in Bangkok. What these two wholesale malls share in common is the maze of small shops brimming with fashion clothes and accessories. Hong Kong Industrial Centre is an ideal place for fashionistas to look for high quality clothing.
  • Saturday is time for retail bargains: If you plan your trip to this fashion building, make sure that you reserve a Saturday for it. It is when many wholesale stores open their doors widely to retail customers. Your mission is to hunt for price-reduced items. It is the only way to get good quality stuff at lower cost at the centre.