Madhubani Paintings

New Delhi Travel Guides / May 03, 2017
Madhubani Paintings Image credit: Andrea Kirkby

Madhubani paintings are truly beautiful pieces of art that will make an excellent addition to any room. They are created with all kinds of stunning fabric colors which then get painted onto silk, cotton, floral and all types of different fabrics. These art works take vast amounts of time to create and a true lover of art would be able to appreciate the fine details that go into these masterpieces.

Madhubani paintings are a unique souvenir to bring back home that will bring happiness, fun and vibrant colors into the home. The drawings on these paintings are always all sorts of fantastic elements. They range in everything from Krishna, Ram, Shiva, Durga to all sorts of Hindu themes and animals. There are huge selections to choose from, enabling you to buy a unique and thought out gift for a particular person back home.

This is a wonderful souvenir to bring home to those people in your life who appreciate good art and culture. They may be best suited for your parents, in-laws or uncles and aunts. It is a great present to give to a couple as a joint gift.


From a few US dollars up to hundreds of US dollars

House no.1734, Laxmi Bai Nagar, near INA metro station, Delhi

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