Batik Paintings

Jakarta Travel Guides / April 17, 2017
Batik Paintings Image credit: Martijn Nijenhuis

Batik paintings carry a great sense of culture and tradition in Indonesia. All around Jakarta you may notice many different types of batik paintings ranging in sizes, colors, quality and designs. While many paintings can be extremely expensive you can also find smaller pieces which could serve as an ideal gift to take back home.

The painting process is very tricky as all the parts of the picture need to be waxed together and finished at the same time. Art lovers around the world truly appreciate the time, effort, energy and dedication which go into these paintings.

You know your people back home best, therefore it may be a good idea to really think carefully about the paintings they will like and appreciate. You can choose from landscapes, villages, tribes, animals and even mythical creatures.

Perfect gift to bring home for your parents or grandparents as it could make a great addition to their living room as a display piece on the wall.

From manageable to hard to manage.

From around $25 all the way up, depending on the size and piece.


  • Pasaraya Grande (JL. Iskandarsyah II/2, Jakarta 12160, Indonesia)
  • Pasar Seni Art Market (Jalan Aquarium, Jakarta 14430, Indonesia)
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