Get crazy in Harajuku

Tokyo Travel Guides / September 29, 2016
Get crazy in Harajuku Image credit: triplefivedrew/Flickr

Harajuku is a popular fashion district in Tokyo located between Shibuya and Shinjuku. It is famous as a heaven for Japanese youth who gather in the area decked out in colorful costumes and bizarre outfits.

Retail shops and restaurants line the streets of Harajuku. Shoppers can choose from small trendy boutiques to famous foreign brand shops.

Aside from fashion, Harajuku is also known for its wide green spaces that are visited by an eclectic mix of people.

Forget your inhibitions and join the fun in Harajuku in your most outlandish costume!

If you don’t feel like dressing up, you can simply go with the crowd and take in the vibrance of Harajuku. Shop for kawaii fashion and dine on Japanese favorites at Harajuku’s various restaurants.

If you are the conservative type, being in Harajuku can be like stepping into a parallel universe. Say hello to the friendly cosplayers that seem to have leapt out of a Japanese anime!

Things to do in Harajuku
Explore Takeshita Dori. This pedestrian-only street is packed with shops that sell all things kawaii. Clothes, toys, and other cute items are on offer there. Grab some crepes or shop at the giant Daiso store that sells stuff for 100 yen ($1).

Go sightseeing at Jingu Bridge, which connects Harajuku Station to Meiji Shrine. Jingu Bridge is also where you get to meet costume-clad Japanese youth. These young people are friendly and will readily pose for a quick snapshot.

Watch a free performance at Yoyogi Park. This wide open green space attracts a diverse mix of people. Special events are often held at the park with free performances and an abundance of food stalls. On ordinary days, you can catch musicians playing their instruments or dance groups rehearsing their steps. If you want some personal time, you can easily find a serene spot for some peace and quietness.

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