Have a kimono fitting

Tokyo Travel Guides / September 28, 2016
Have a kimono fitting Image credit: Tokyo Times/Flickr

Kimono is the traditional garment of Japan. It is normally worn during formal occasions.

Nowadays, kimono styles can be formal or casual, marked by the design and color of the fabric. During the hot summer days, the lighter yukata is worn rather than the heavy traditional kimono.

Having a custom-made kimono can be expensive. Japanese culture enthusiasts have an option of renting these beauties for an hour or a day at kimono shops. Some rentals are packaged with a tour, a photo session, or a Japanese meal. Props and accessories are also available to complete the look.

Kimono is the ultimate Japanese costume and wearing this beautiful outfit is big in Japan and for tourists.

It is the secret desire of most women to wear a kimono and stroll the streets of Tokyo like a geisha. Men can also stroll around like a Samurai in a man’s kimono.

There is no better way to capture your Tokyo visit than a snapshot of you in a kimono with a Japanese shrine or garden in the background.

Top kimono rental shops in Tokyo
Asakusa Shichihenge is probably the cheapest kimono rental shop in Tokyo. For 3,300 yen ($32.56), you can already go around town in a kimono with tabi socks. Summer yukata rental even costs less at 2,800 yen ($27.63). Make sure to return to the shop by 4:30pm!

Sakaeya offers a tea ceremony with their kimono renting packages. The one-hour session has the price at 6,000 yen ($59.21) and requires advance booking. You can also opt for the yukata plan for 10,000 yen ($98.68) and get to own the garment afterwards.

Aki Kimono Rental offers a one-day kimono experience at their Shibuya and Ginza stores. This costs 6,480 yen ($63.94) and comes complete with a Japanese bag and zori sandals. Separate fees are required for photo sessions and Japanese hairstyling services.

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