Tokyo Monorail + JR Train

Tokyo Travel Guides / November 22, 2016
Tokyo Monorail + JR Train Image credit: seaonweb

Taking a Haneda Express Tokyo Monorail is the easiest and the fastest way to leave Haneda Airport as soon as you land there.

Even though you’ll have to transfer from the monorail to a JR train in order to reach Tokyo Station, it’s still fair to say that this is a pretty comfortable way to get to central city from Haneda Airport because:

  • you’ll have to wait under 5 minutes to catch the monorail and the JR train (in contrast, it can take up to 60 minutes to wait for the next bus
  • you don’t need to care about road traffic
  • there is plenty of space for luggage
  • it’s also the most scenic way to get to central Tokyo from the airport

Directions to get from Haneda Airport to central Tokyo:

  1. Get to Monorail platform from the Arrival lobby
  2. Wait for the next train, board it and get off at Hamamatsucho Station
  3. From Hamamatsucho Station, transfer to either JR Yamanote (rail) Line or JR Keihin-Tohoku (rail) Line platform
  4. Wait for the next JR train, board it and get off at Tokyo Station

Travel time: About 20 minutes in total (13 minutes on the Monorail and about 7 minutes on the JR train)

Cost: 650 yen ($6.26) in total = 490 yen via Tokyo Monorail + 160 yen via JR train

Service hours: 05:17 – 00:10 daily (Tokyo Monorail) and 04:26 – 01:18 daily (JR train)

Service schedule: Every 3 minutes during rush hours and every 4-5 minutes during off-rush hours (for both Tokyo Monorail and JR trains)

Best Ways to Get from Haneda Airport to Central Tokyo