Tokyo Public Buses

Tokyo Travel Guides / November 18, 2016
Tokyo Public Buses Image credit: ponsulak

Using a bus to get around in Tokyo is not as practical as using trains and subways for a number of reasons:

  • buses are less frequent than trains
  • buses are slower than trains
  • it’s easy to get confused with all the routes
  • it’s difficult to get to your destination if you don’t know Japanese, since most signs are in Japanese

However, buses in Tokyo are useful for their north-south routes on the western side of Tokyo, where trains mostly run east-west.

Just like trains and subways, buses tend to get crowded during rush hours, but there are no pushers (who squeeze you into buses).

Bus hours: 07:00 – 23:00 daily, but there are also night buses on some routes

Bus schedule: Every 10 minutes during rush hours, every 15-20 minutes during off-rush hours

Bus fares: Most local buses in Tokyo charge a flat fee of 210 yen ($1.92) for a ride

– Pay upon boarding the bus. Most buses accept SUICA and PASMO cards.
– Most buses have priority seats for the pregnant, elderly, disabled, injured as well as people with small kids
– In order to get off at your stop, push a button on the side of the door or ceiling

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