Tokyo Streetcars

Tokyo Travel Guides / November 18, 2016
Tokyo Streetcars Image credit: yokokenchan

There are two streetcar (also known as tram) lines in Tokyo, in which the more popular one is Toden Arakawa Line, running through northern and eastern Tokyo outside the main tourist areas. There are 30 stops along its route, from Waseda to Minowabashi and vice versa.

Although you won’t get far using a streetcar in Tokyo, it’s still a fun way to reach some of the city’s crucial parts:

  • get off at the terminus at Minowabashi to reach Edo’s red-light district Yoshiwara
  • get off at Machiya-ekimae to transfer to railway’s Keisei Main Line
  • get off at Ōji-ekimae to transfer to JR’s Keihin-Tōhoku Line
  • get off at Ōtsuka-Ekimae to transfer to JR’s Yamanote Line

Streetcar hours: 05:40 – 23:00 daily

Streetcar schedule: Every 7 minutes during rush hours; every 10 to 15 minutes during off-rush hours

Streetcar fares: Flat fare 170 yen ($1.64) regardless of distance for one ride, and 400 yen ($3.82) for the one-day economy pass, which allows unlimited use of the streetcar for one day

Paying streetcar fares
– Buy the ticket (one-use or one-day ticket) on the streetcar from a conductor when you get on the streetcar for the first time
– If you have the one-day ticket, every time you get on the streetcar, all you have to do is just show the ticket to the conductor

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