Central Market

Kuala Lumpur Travel Guides / September 20, 2016
Central Market Image credit: Bertrand Duperrin/Flickr

The Central Market in Kuala Lumpur is a former wet market that was built in 1888. It has since been expanded and redesigned to become an art deco shopping center as it is now.

This Heritage Site market is popular among shoppers for its high quality yet low priced handicrafts and souvenirs. It is also a place where we can appreciate Malaysian culture and heritage through art.


  • A market with comfortable shopping environment: If you ever wish that air conditioning were included in at tropical countries’ markets, then your wish comes true at Kuala Lumpur Central Market. For good measure, stalls are grouped into different zones to celebrate the country’s multiracial culture: Malay stalls at Lorong Melayu, Chinese stalls at Straits Chinese, and Indian stalls at Lorong India. This helps in getting a glimpse of each trading culture and finding the wanted products easier.
  • High quality handicrafts from A to Z: If you plan to bring Malaysian handicrafts home as souvenirs, then Central Market is your right place. Product variety and pricing are never a problem. Batik prints, Songket fabric, beadworks, woodcrafts, metal crafts, terenang jar and labu sayong clay jar are among worth-mentioning handcrafted creations.
  • Shop and enjoy art at the same time: The whole market is infused with art concept. Art lovers will have a grand time exploring its Art Lane - observing artists at work and enjoying their completed pictures. Some are willing to sell their works at wallet-friendly prices. You can also have your portrait painted for the ultimate souvenir.

What are on offer: Handicrafts, souvenirs, antiques, artworks, and food.

Opening hours: Daily 10:00 – 22:00

Location: No. 10, 1st-3rd floor, Jalan Hang Kasturi

How to get there: It is accessible by train through the Pasar Seni Station (Kelana Jaya Line) or the KL Hop-on Hop-off bus, which stops right across the Central Market.

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