Enjoy street food at Jalan Alor

Kuala Lumpur Travel Guides / September 17, 2016
Enjoy street food at Jalan Alor Image credit: IQRemix/Flickr

Jalan Alor captures people’s hearts with its beautiful selection of authentic local dishes.

Hawker stalls abound in this famous street with vendors calling out to potential customers. There are also a number of air-conditioned restaurants that specialize in seafood fare and Chinese cuisine.

Jalan Alor may be not much by day but when the sun goes down, the whole place transforms into a lively food paradise.

Jalan Alor features the cheapest and tastiest food options for everyone. There is a wide variety of Malay, Chinese, and Thai dishes for us to satisfy our taste buds. The food selection there is a beautiful reflection of the cultural mix in Malaysia.

This food mecca is also a good venue for a budget-friendly night out. Go people watching or enjoy a few laughs with friends over beer and barbecue.

Best foods to try at Jalan Alor
The best BBQ chicken wings can only be found at Jalan Alor’s most famous hawker stall, Wong Ah Wah. The place has grown from one humble stall to the current five stalls in a row!

Fresh seafood at Meng Kee is another crowd favorite. Try out their spicy grilled fish, grilled stuffed tofu and belacan fried rice.

If you want to go adventurous, sample some exotic fare like frog porridge and durian.

Don’t be limited with these food suggestions. Go ahead and explore this food street and taste anything that catches your fancy. Who knows? You just might reach your gastronomic nirvana at Jalan Alor in Kuala Lumpur.

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