Kasturi Walk

Kuala Lumpur Travel Guides / September 22, 2016
Kasturi Walk Image credit: John Walker/Flickr

Kasturi Walk is another open-air market to shop for cheap products at Kuala Lumpur Chinatown. It is a covered pedestrian walkway that stretches alongside Central Market.

Just similar to the adjacent Petaling Street, Kasturi Walk features common products such as clothes, accessories, bags, flip flops, watches, snacks and souvenirs. Knock-offs abound in this walk too.

Products on offer at Kasturi Walk are not as plentiful as those at Petaling Street and Central Market. But it helps in case that you need some additional souvenirs after leaving Central Market. It is also a place to taste a few Malay dishes and get some tropical fruit like mango, rambutan and durian.

While Petaling Street offers a Chinese atmosphere, Kasturi Walk has got a Malay feel to it. Local handicrafts on sale, Malay food stalls and the iconic Malay kite give the place that feeling.

Pay it a visit if you prefer street shopping in a cleaner, brighter and more relaxing venue.

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