KL Airport Bus Shuttle

Kuala Lumpur Travel Guides / October 22, 2016
KL Airport Bus Shuttle Image credit: Airport Coach

Taking a bus shuttle from the airport is the cheapest and most convenient way to get to central Kuala Lumpur.

It’s also the best way to reach KL Sentral if you’re traveling with luggage as there are no charges for your belongings.

The journey from the airport to central city on a shuttle is enjoyable and relaxing, because you’ll be sitting in a bus equipped with air conditioning and comfortable padded seats.

A good news is that you can save at least $11 (compared with listed below transportation modes), if you choose to go with this service.

You can purchase the tickets at Airport Coach counters at the KLIA (Ground Floor, Block C STCP KLIA).

If you are going to land at the KLIA2, you can take the shuttle service provided by SkyBus.

Travel time: 1 hour (Airport Coach); 1 hour and 15 minutes (SkyBus)

Cost: RM10 ($2.4) for Airport Coach service; RM9.99 ($2.4) for SkyBus service.

Service hours: 05:30 – 00:30 daily (Airport Coach); 05:00 – 02:45 daily (SkyBus)

Service schedule: Every 30 minutes (Airport Coach); every hour (SkyBus)

Note: Get on the bus at least 10 minutes before its departure to avoid problems.

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