Barrel Man

Manila Travel Guides / April 16, 2017
Barrel Man Image credit: Aaron Coe

The “Barrel Man” is another popular and easy to find souvenir. It consists of a wooden figure of a man surrounded by a wooden barrel, and when you lift the barrel off of the man you get a bit of a surprise. The surprise is a certain (large) male body part, which tends to catch a lot of tourists off guard the first time they encounter it. The origins of the wooden figurine are somewhat unclear, but they have been a part of Filipino art, culture, and jokes for years.

Good for friends and family who appreciate a good joke.

These are not usually too difficult to bring home, especially if you opt for a smaller size. They are wooden, so this can add a bit of weight to baggage.

Price range
400-1200 PHP, depending on size.

Any large shopping center, such as SM City, or tourist shops.

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