Philippine Sweets

Manila Travel Guides / April 16, 2017
Philippine Sweets Image credit: The Blue Kitchen

Treats are an easy souvenir to bring back, and a great way to show your friends and family that you were thinking of them while you were traveling. When looking for goodies to bring home to friends and family, it’s a bit easier to go for the pre-packaged versions of the local favorites.

Popular sweets include polvoron (crunchy and crumbly, and comes in a wide variety of flavors), Choc Nut bars (a powdery chocolate and nut candy bar that is very popular with kids), and pastillas de leche (sweet and soft milk candies).

Anyone – friends, family, and coworkers

Very easy depending on how much you bring back; make sure they are packaged properly and will pass customs for whichever country you are going home to.

Wide range depending on the brand and amount, but generally inexpensive

Sweets can be found everywhere throughout Manila, from street corners to large markets to souvenir shops.

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