Philippine Traditional Fabric

Manila Travel Guides / April 16, 2017
Philippine Traditional Fabric Image credit: Angel Geisler

There are many types of natural and beautiful fabrics produced in the Philippines. One of the loveliest is piña, which is made from pineapple plants (“piña” means pineapple in Spanish). It is traditionally derived from the Spanish Red Pineapple, and the fibers are naturally fine and translucent. This gives the fabric a beautifully soft and flowing feel.

The silky fibers can be used on their own, or blended with other natural fibers such as cotton and silk to create flowing, gorgeous fabrics. They are used for everything from gowns to dress shirts, and are often embroidered with beautiful traditional designs.

The fabric made from blended piña can be less expensive, making it easier for you to bring your friends or family home a wearable piece of art from your travels!

Close friends and family whose clothing sizes you know.

Very easy to manage, since it would be just a lightweight folded garment.

Piña garments are generally a little on the expensive side. It mainly will depend on the size of the item and whether the fabric is a piña blend or pure.

You can purchase dress shirts with beautiful designs from Kultura Filipino, who have several stores in the Metro Manila area.

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