Traditional Philippine Salakot

Manila Travel Guides / April 16, 2017
Traditional Philippine Salakot Image credit: aliennation

We’ve all seen the woven, conical hats worn by many in Southeast Asia; the Salakot (or Salacot) is the version found in the Philippines. They come in different variations, based on the materials used and the slight changes in the slope and shape of the cone itself.

Salakots are great for keeping the sun off of your face and neck, which can come in handy during the hotter months. They are fairly easy to find around the tourist markets, and they are not too hard to bring home- although, if you are packing them in a suitcase you will need to pack them carefully.

Anyone you know who works outdoors, or likes to do outdoor activities.

Medium difficulty; while you can just wear them on the way home, packing them in a bag can be challenging.

Anywhere from 300 to 1500 PHP.

Markets like the Salcedo Saturday Market in Metro Manila will have a selection of hats, as well as other handicrafts and a wide variety of local foods.

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