Enjoy a Korean BBQ feast

Seoul Travel Guides / September 24, 2016
Enjoy a Korean BBQ feast Image credit: Travis/Flickr

Korean barbecue is the quintessential food of the country. A full Korean barbecue meal comprises of grilled meat, vegetables, and rice. Often, customers do the grilling right at their tables.

Meat is the jewel of the Korean grill party. Beef, pork, and chicken are usually included in the BBQ restaurants’ menus. They are either marinated or unmarinated. Bulgogi, which is beef favored with soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, garlic, and pepper, is a foodies’ favorite among marinated proteins. Unmarinated meat often appears in very thinly-sliced cuts, resulting in perfectly cooked meat that smells good almost instantly upon hitting the grill or pan.

Korean barbecue restaurants, called gogi-jips or “meat houses”, can be found in almost every corner in Seoul. Most of them offers the same lip-smacking goodness.

Nobody can resist the hypnotizing aroma while going past a barbecue restaurant in town. This heart-warming dish is now presenting its deliciousness in restaurants around the world, but the highest quality one can only be found in Seoul. So don’t miss out your chance while being in this barbecue capital.

Pick a gogi-jip and savor the most authentic Korean barbecue meal that you can ever enjoy. Even the locals always find various reasons to go to a meat house and devour loads and loads of beef and pork.

Best Korean barbecue restaurants in Seoul
Daedo Sikdang offers a no frills menu for a straightforward Korean barbecue experience. There are only three items on the menu so you won’t have a hard time choosing your food. Daedo Sikdang has expanded its business into many branches. For the best experience, stick to the original outlet at Seungdong-gu.

Saebyukjib is the most popular 24-hour Korean barbecue joint in Seoul. Saebyukjib means “House of Dawn” and true enough, the place is packed with customers even in the wee hours of dawn. Feeling adventurous? Try the yook-hwe (sashimi-style fresh raw beef)!

Maple Tree House is probably the most foreigner-friendly Korean barbecue restaurant in Seoul. The menu is in English so most travelers won’t have trouble reading or pronouncing the recipes. This 4-branch restaurant is very famous for its high quality meat.

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