Have fun at the bustling international Itaewon

Seoul Travel Guides / September 26, 2016
Have fun at the bustling international Itaewon Image credit: Chang Jinyoung/Flickr

Itaewon is often referred to as the Global Village of Seoul. You can find there a small society where many different cultures blend together.

After the Korean War, American troops stayed at the nearby Yongsan Garrison. Soon after, commercial and residential buildings began sprouting up in the area. The Korean government boosted construction and economic activities in preparation for the 1986 Asian Games and the 1988 Olympics. This prompted the influx of international visitors to Itaewon and its commercial development.

The street between Itaewon 1-dong and Hannam 2-dong hosts most of the actions in Itaewon. It stretches for 1.4 kilometres and is filled with retail shops, restaurants, and shopping stalls.

Itaewon is where you can mingle with the international crowd. The place is most visited by travelers who have been away from home for long time and wish to be with kindred spirits. Join them at that melting pot if you want to meet fellow travelers from around the globe.

This little town also offers a great shopping and dining experience. Imported goods are sold in most of the shops there. The area’s diversity is also evident in a wide selection of international restaurants, bars and pubs.

Top things to do in Itaewon
Shop for international brands in over 1,000 stores there. Those can’t find clothes of your sizes in Korean stores can come to Itaewon where bigger clothing sizes are available to suit larger-framed foreigners.

Savor international cuisine. Walk towards the back of Hamilton Hotel to reach a culinary mecca where specialties from different countries are on offer. Travel the world through food by sampling dishes from Japan, China, Thailand, India, Australia, USA, Mexico, France, Italy, Greece, and many, many more. It’s like a world food expo!

Go bar hopping or pub crawling. Itaewon is known for its bustling nightlife. Some clubs hire famous DJs for all-night dance parties. You can also opt to gulp a bottle of beer at an outdoor pub and watch the flow of people in and out of Itaewon.

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