Seoul Metropolitan Subway

Seoul Travel Guides / October 20, 2016
Seoul Metropolitan Subway Image credit: yadem.hayseed/Flickr

Taking a ride on subway is a fast, convenient and cheap way to get around in Seoul and reach any area of the city.

Seoul Metropolitan Subway has 18 lines in operation. Each line has its own name and designated color, which makes it easy to use this mode of transportation.

The subway also has clear signs and detailed maps in English on each station. It’s also quite easy to estimate your traveling time from your starting point to your destination. Because it usually takes about 2 minutes to travel between two stations.

You’ll have to pay a 500 won ($0.44) deposit when buying a single-journey ticket at the ticket vending machine. You can get back the deposit at the ticket returning machine at the arrival station.

It’s more convenient if you use T-Money cards as you don’t need to pay the deposit.

What is even better about using T-Money cards is that you can transfer from and to metro and buses up to 5 times for no additional fees. Note that free transfer only applies when you get on the other metro or bus within 30 minutes (or within 1 hour from 21:00 to 07:00) after you get off the previous one.

Subway hours: Vary depending on the line, generally from 05:30 to 01:00 on weekdays; and 05:30 to 00:00 on weekends

Subway schedule: Every 2 – 3 minutes during peak hours, and 5 – 7 minutes at non-peak hours

Subway fares: 1,250 won ($1.1) per first 10 km, then 100 won ($0.09) for each subsequent 5 km, and after 50 km 100 won ($0.09) for each subsequent 8 km

– Fares above are provided for T-Money cards. If you’re using a single-journey ticket, you’ll have to pay 100 won more ($0.09).
– If you’re traveling with a bicycle, the only way to bring it on a train is either in the front or back cars.
– Get a detailed Seoul Metropolitan Subway map here.

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