Stroll along the urban Cheonggyecheon Stream

Seoul Travel Guides / September 24, 2016
Stroll along the urban Cheonggyecheon Stream

Cheonggyecheon Stream is a beautiful, urban stream that winds its way through the heart of Seoul. But this beauty is not always as stunning as it is today. The stream once was like an abandoned sleeping princess, obscured by an overpass. After the restoration efforts of the government in 2005, the stream has woken up and lived happily as a modern recreational space.

This 11-kilometre little river runs below street level. It flows under 22 bridges and close to many major landmarks before meeting Jungnangcheon stream and vanishing into the Yellow Sea.

Cheonggyecheon Stream provides an unexpectedly quiet and serene atmosphere despite its location amid a busy city. It is bounded by walkways on both sides, making it perfect for a leisurely stroll or rest after shopping.

The whole stream is dotted with fountains and waterfalls that add a more refreshing touch to the place. Live shows and concerts are regularly conducted at some points of the waterway. Stay on after sunset and watch the stream come alive with wonderful lights and colored illumination from the streets above.

Points of interest along Cheonggyecheon Stream
Cheonggye Plaza, located at the starting point of Cheonggyecheon Stream, is one of the places to check out. It features a scale model of the entire stream and plaques that provide detailed information about the bridges of Cheonggyecheon. You can make a wish at Palseokdam wishing wells and witness the dazzling light and water show there in the evening.

History buffs may take pleasure in visiting the Cheonggyecheon Museum. Your eyes will be delighted by watching the glass exterior of the museum, which is designed in a way that imitates the flowing waters of the stream. If you want to know how Seoul was before the beautification of Cheonggyecheon Stream, enter the permanent exhibition hall to learn from the visual representations.

The stream is fascinating with its decorative walls. The ceramic wall painting Banchado tells an interesting story about the visit of King Jeongjo to his father tomb. The Rhythm Wall Stream is decorated with images of fish that seems to swim upstream. Just walk along the stream’s walkways to explore more stories on its walls.

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