Chinese Calligraphy Wall Scrolls

Taipei Travel Guides / June 30, 2017
Chinese Calligraphy Wall Scrolls Image credit: kosmoseleevike

Chinese calligraphy is known to be a very artistic form of art, and wall scrolls are a way for this art to be showcased.

The amount of characters on each piece of wall scroll is completely different. Some pieces have only one character on while others may feature several or a short poem.

Types of Chinese calligraphy wall scrolls to buy could be something that has meaning for the person you are buying it for. The zodiacs are a very popular option, for example. Buying your friend a wall scroll with their Chinese zodiac sign on it is a clever way to express your caring.

BEST GIFTS FOR: Someone who appreciates art

PRICING: From $10

PORTABLE LEVEL:┬áManageable – roll it up then it should be fine for carrying around

WHERE TO BUY: Taiwan Handicraft Promotion Center, No. 1 Xuzhou Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100