Taiwanese Oolong Tea

Taipei Travel Guides / July 13, 2017
Taiwanese Oolong Tea Image credit: Formosa Wandering

Tea is a big thing in Taiwan, in terms of cultivation, consumption and celebration. It is grown in many parts of the country, mostly consumed by locals, and celebrated in annual contests for the best oolong.

Oolong tea (black dragon tea) is the pride of Taiwanese tea culture in both variety and quality. The famous black dragon tea includes Dongding, Dongfang Meiren, Alishan, Lishan, Pouchong, Ruan Zhi, Jin Xuan, and Black Oolong.

Go for the Dongding, Pouchong and Ruan Zhi if you like light tea. Dongfang Meiren and Alishan are just nice for those appreciate the fruity aromas while Pouchong and Osmanthus Oolong are the perfect match for the taste buds that love a floral balance in a brew.

BEST GIFTS FOR: Parents, friends, or co-workers who are tea fans

PRICING: From $15 to $50 per 100 gram of fine quality oolong tea



  • Hui Liu No.9, Lane 31, Yung-Kang St., Taipei, Taiwan
  • Chuan-shang Tea Store No.58 Heng Yang Road, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Ten Ren tea at Nancy store Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Nanjing Road Taipei 12 B2