Ba Mee (Thai Wonton Noodles)

Bangkok Travel Guides / August 17, 2016
Ba Mee (Thai Wonton Noodles) Image credit: ideation90

Wonton noodles are common all over Asia. In fact, possibly every Asian country has its own version of this comforting dish. Thailand has a unique rendition. Locally known as “ba mee”, it is rather on the saucy than on the soupy side. You wouldn’t mind the apparent lack of soup though because the sauce is incredibly flavorful due to the incorporation of pork lard and oil.

A traditional bowl of ba mee uses egg noodles, has a couple pieces of wonton, and several slices of pork. Plenty of variations have sprouted, but one that is a favorite in Bangkok is topped with a soft-boiled egg to add a creamy richness to the noodles.

Here are the best places to have ba mee in Bangkok:

  • BAMEE SLOW | Thong Lor
    For legendary ba mee that is worth the wait
    What to order: Moo dang, Ba mee, Ba mee soup
    Price range: 50 to 60 baht ($1.44 to $1.73)
    When: 20:00 – 03:00 (Daily)
    Where: Ekkamai Soi 19, Thong Lor, Bangkok
  • THIP SAMAI | Maha Chai
    For the best Thai noodle dishes with fresh orange juice from the countryside
    What to order: Ba mee, Pad Thai wrapped in egg, Orange juice
    Price range: 50 to 70 baht ($1.44 to $2.02)
    When: 17:00 – 01:00 (Daily)
    Where: 313 Maha Chai Road, Samran Rat, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok
  • BA MEE SAWANG | Hua Lam Phong
    For the most refreshing chrysanthemum tea to complement your ba mee
    What to order: Ba mee, Ba mee with shrimp wonton, barbecued pork and crab claws, Chrysanthemum tea
    Price range: 60 to 200 baht ($1.73 to $5.77)
    When: 11:00 – 14:00 (Lunch); 17:00 – 23:00 (Dinner)
    Where: 336/3-4 Thanon Rama IV, Hua Lam Phong, Bangkok
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