Explore Bangkok Hot Spots

Bangkok Travel Guides / August 29, 2016
Explore Bangkok Hot Spots Image credit: smithore

When talking about Bangkok, images of hot girls in skimpy clothes often come to mind. Indeed, Bangkok’s after dark entertainment scene has become an attraction by itself that some people even fly out to this Southeast Asian city just to watch the amazing night shows.

While there are many places to visit in Bangkok at night, the hot spots compete with the night markets in drawing the biggest crowds especially among tourists and expats. Bangkok bar trademarks include sexy girls, ladyboys, and live shows.

To enjoy an adult only nightlife or even just to satisfy your curiosity! Hearing about it is different from actually going there and witnessing Bangkok’s night club scene firsthand.

Watch the interesting interactions with fruits and other stuff like ping pong balls, candlesticks, and razor blades.

Top red light districts in Bangkok
Soi Cowboy is the most popular among foreign visitors. Perhaps this is because there are less scams at Soi Cowboy. Drinks also cost less here and pricing is often straightforward with no hidden or extra charges.

Nana Plaza is a 3-storey square-shaped entertainment center that was converted from a mall. The bars here are racier than the other districts’ and there are more bars dedicated to ladyboys.

Patpong is the most world-renowned red light district in Bangkok that has almost become synonymous with the industry itself. Just be careful when you come here though because it is also known for bar scams, higher prices, and extra charges.

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