Bangkok Motorbike Taxis

Bangkok Travel Guides / October 22, 2016
Bangkok Motorbike Taxis Image credit: Mark Fischer/Flickr

Motorbike taxi is a common mode of transport in Southeast Asian cities. In Bangkok, many locals choose to get around with this cheap yet convenient option. For solo travelers, especially those are adventurous, motorbike taxi is a fun and quick way to reach anywhere you want to reach.

You can find motorbike taxi drivers who wear numbered orange vests at most of the street corners near working offices or shopping buildings.

Motorbike taxi hours: 24 hours

Motorbike taxi fares: Fare varies based on the travel distance, the time of the day, and yes, your bargaining skill. A short 5-7 kilometre ride will cost from 20 baht ($0.57) to 30 baht ($0.86).

– A motorbike taxi can carry one passenger only.
– It is always recommended to wear a safety helmet, which will be provided by the driver.

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