Khao Mok Gai (Thai-style Chicken Biryani)

Bangkok Travel Guides / August 17, 2016
Khao Mok Gai (Thai-style Chicken Biryani) Image credit: thiranun

Who doesn’t love a good chicken biryani? Fragrant, fluffy rice and well-spiced, fall-off-the-bone chicken pieces.

If you do, there’s something you must understand. Thai-style chicken biryani, or khao mok gai, is usually served only around lunch and dinner time. It is worth watching the clock for because the Thais know their way around this traditional Muslim dish.

Khao mok gai is a perfect dish to order when you’re craving something comforting, filling, and aromatic – most apt after a whole day of haggling with vendors over trinkets at the weekend market. Remember not to skip the accompanying yogurt sauce as it will make all the flavors even more alive.

Here are the best places to have khao mok gai in Bangkok:

    For a wide assortment of Thai-style biryanis
    What to order: Khao mok gai, Mutton biryani, Eggplant pickle
    Price range: 50 to 80 baht ($1.44 to $2.31)
    When: 11:00 – 22:00 (Monday – Saturday); 18:00 – 22:00 (Sunday)
    Where: 186 Charoen Krung 36, Charoen Krung Road, Bangrak, Bangkok
  • AISA ROTDEE | Tanee
    For 100% Halal dishes
    What to order: Khao mok gai, Kuay teow gaeng, Kuay teow neua
    Price range: 40 to 70 baht ($1.15 to $2.02)
    When: 09:00 – 22:00 (Daily)
    Where: 178 Tanee Road, Bangkok
  • KHAO MOK GAI SIAM | Sanambinnam
    For Muslim dishes with full, intense flavors
    What to order: Khao mok gai, Curry noodles, Kuay teow gaeng
    Price range: 30 to 60 baht ($0.87 to $1.73)
    When: 08:00 – 16:00 (Daily)
    Where: 181/115 Sanambinnam Road, Bangkok
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