Krua OV

Bangkok Travel Guides / August 23, 2016
Krua OV

It is a common belief that the best places to eat like a local in Bangkok are roadside eateries. That is not entirely false, but it’s not completely true either. Located in Kate Dusit, Krua OV has better ambience than other restaurants and serves some of the best Thai dishes you’ll ever have – at really affordable prices.

It is best known for their Royal Thai dishes such as Khao chae, an assortment of side dishes paired with icy jasmine rice and jasmine water. Other not-to-miss dishes are Gaeng garee gai, Kai Paloe, and Pla duk foo pad prik king.

It’s mandatory to order Khao chae at Krua OV, especially because chances are slim that other restaurants offer this royal dish. Side dishes such as deep-fried green chili stuffed with minced pork, shrimp kapi balls, and shredded pork are meant to be chased with a spoonful of icy jasmine rice and jasmine water. It’s an experience that is too good for words!

What to order: Khao chae, Gaeng garee gai, Pla duk foo pad prik king

Price range: 20 to 150 baht ($0.58 to $4.33)

When: 10:00 – 20:30 (Daily)

Where: 199 Thanon Pichai, Kwang, Nakhon Chaisi, Kate Dusit, Bangkok

How to get there: Take the BTS to Victory Monument. From there, take a cab or bus to Thanon Pichai. Enter the royal government area of Dusit, and you’ll see Krua OV’s Irish pub-like entrance.

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