Kuay teow kua gai (Rice noodles with chicken and eggs)

Bangkok Travel Guides / August 17, 2016
Kuay teow kua gai (Rice noodles with chicken and eggs) Image credit: canjoena

Thailand is known to have exceptional noodle dishes that can rival those of China’s, the recognized birthplace of this versatile ingredient. Kuay teow kua gai is one clear proof. This dish calls for sticky wide rice noodles that are toasted in a wok to better hold its thick, savory sauce of sesame oil, oyster sauce and spices.

Traditional kuay teow kua gai is actually rather simple, with only chicken and eggs to accompany the charred noodles. Nowadays, it is common to see kuay teow kua gai with vegetables and other garnishings.

Here are the best places to have kuay teow kua gai in Bangkok:

  • KUAY TEOW KUA GAI NAI HONG | Bamprap Sathupai
    For Bangkok-famous gooay teeo kooa gai with a strong street ambience
    What to order: Gooay teeo kooa gai, Gao lao kua gai, Pad thai
    Price range: 40 to 50 baht ($1.15 to $1.44)
    When: 16:00 – 22:00 (Daily)
    Where: 266/1 Soi Thewi Woyarat, Thanon Luang, Banbat, Bamprap Sathupai, Bangkok
  • ELVIS SUKI BANGKOK | Phlab Phla Chai
    For foodie-approved Thai specialties
    What to order: Pad woon sen, Gooay teeo kooa gai, Scallops with butter and ground pork
    Price range: 40 to 200 baht ($1.15 to $5.77)
    When: 16:00 – 00:00 (Daily)
    Where: 200/37 Soi Yotse, Phlab Phla Chai Road, Bangkok
  • KRUA PORN LAMAI | Samphanthawong
    For eating Thai specialties like a local
    What to order: Lard na noodles, Taro kua, Gooay teeo kooa gai
    Price range: 40 to 60 baht ($1.15 to $1.73)
    When: 18:00 – 02:00 (Daily)
    Where: 37 Plang Nam Road, Samphanthawong, Bangkok
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