Mah Hor (Galloping Horses)

Bangkok Travel Guides / August 17, 2016
Mah Hor (Galloping Horses)

Mah hor is one of the lesser-known Thai dishes, rarely talked about on food and travel blogs, but it is a dish definitely worth knowing. Legend has it that mah hor was conceived in the kitchens of the Royal Palace, and once served that dish, you’ll understand why.

Mah hor is a testament of Thais’ creativity, combining the sweet and the savory in one delicate snack. Slices of juicy pineapple, mandarin oranges, or pomelo are topped with minced chicken, pork, and peanuts – truly refreshing.

Here are the best places to have mah hor in Bangkok:

  • NAHM RESTAURANT | South Sathorn
    For award-winning Thai dishes
    What to order: Mah hor, Spicy stir-fried frog’s legs, Nam keng shai
    Price range: 350 to 700 baht ($10.10 to $20.20)
    When: 12:00 – 14:00 (Lunch); 19:00 – 22:00 (Dinner)
    Where: Ground Floor, The Metropolitan Hotel, South Sathorn Road, Bangkok
  • SPICE MARKET | Ratchadamri
    For luxuriously prepared traditional Thai dishes
    What to order: Mah hor, Green curry of braised Australian beef cheek, Soft shell crab with peppercorn sauce
    Price range: 200 to 600 baht ($5.77 to $17.31)
    When: 11:30 – 14:30 (Lunch); 18:00 – 22:30 (Dinner)
    Where: Four Seasons Hotel, 155 Ratchadamri Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok
    For well-loved Thai dishes with a contemporary twist
    What to order: Mah hor, Nam prik kahi pu, Moo cha muang
    Price range: 100 to 350 baht ($2.89 to $10.10)
    When: 11:30 – 14:30 (Lunch); 17:30 – 23:30 (Dinner)
    Where: 160/11 Soi Sukhumvit 55, Thonglor, Bangkok
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