Saeng Chai Pochana

Bangkok Travel Guides / August 23, 2016
Saeng Chai Pochana

Saeng Chai Pochana is one of those local restaurants that are tourist-friendly in such way that their menu has pictures and translation in English and Japanese. This is due to the big population of Japanese and English speaking expats in the area (in between Thong Lo and Phrom Phong).

The restaurant has an extensive, beat-up menu consisting mostly of Chinese-Thai seafood dishes. Servings are good for sharing and modestly priced so it’s a perfect place for friends and families.

Top picks include Pla gao tod gratiem prik Thai (deep fried grouper topped with garlic), Tom moo kiem chai (minced pork soup with pickled mustard greens) and Pad dok kajon (stir-fried Thai milkweed flowers with egg and mung beans).

It is tempting, but probably impossible, to order every mouthwatering dish on the menu especially because of the appetizing, realistic photos. You cannot go wrong with any of their seafood dishes, which are guaranteed fresh. You can even pick your “catch” before they cook it. They know their way around seafood, cooked just right and with lots of briny flavor.

Dinner time is packed with locals and expats so either prepare to wait or come early.

What to order: Pla gao tod gratiem prik Thai, Tom moo kiem chai, Pad dok kajon

Price range: 80 to 250 baht ($2.31 to $7.21)

When: 18:00 – 04:00 (Daily)

Where: 762/5-6 Sukhumvit Road, Soi 32, Bangkok

How to get there: Take BTS to either Thong Lo or Phrom Phong, and take a leisurely 3-minute walk on Sukhumvit Road to Saeng Chai Pochana.

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