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Bangkok Travel Guides / August 10, 2016
Visit Temples Image credit: ake1150

In a city with more than 400 temples like Bangkok, there must be something to explore.

Known as the land of golden temples, Thailand showcases many magnificently gilded wats. The large number of temples in Bangkok makes the city dotted with twinkling rooftop landscapes.

Those Buddhist temples are a unique part of the city, keeping the soul of Buddhist traditions.

Explore the famous temples with their awe-inspiring architecture is a great way to experience the culture of Thailand firsthand. Come and marvel at the glittering decoration.

Best temples to visit
There are hundreds of temples all around Bangkok, and the most famous ones are Wat Pra Kaew, Wat Arun, and Wat Pho.

Wat Pra Kaew, located within the Grand Palace, is the most visited temple in Thailand capital. Don’t miss out on seeing its Emerald Buddha.

Wat Pho is also referred to as ‘The Temple of the Reclining Buddha’. The 43 meter long Buddha image is covered with gold leaf, and there are exquisite mother-of-pearl decorations on its long feet.

Another of the iconic temples of Bangkok is Wat Arun, often called ‘Temple of Dawn.” The temple carries a distinctive shape of a central khmer style tower surrounded by four smaller towers.

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