Airport Transfer Services

Istanbul Travel Guides / October 19, 2016
Airport Transfer Services Image credit: efendi-airport-transfer-istanbul

Airport Transfer Services provided by Efendi Travel at the Atatürk airport is a far more comfortable, convenient and reliable way to get to Taksim compared to taxi.

However, it’s a little more expensive and it takes an Efendi driver about 10 minutes longer than a taxi driver to get you to Taksim (Efendi drivers don’t drive like mad, as your safety and the safety of your luggage is their first priority).

Although it’s not the fastest way to get to Taksim during rush hours (it can take up to 1.5 hours in heavy traffic), but it’s the best way if you’re travelling with your family and luggage, because there is lots of room in a comfortable air-conditioned Efendi minivan or midivan.

Efendi Travel is a private service and you can pre-book your ride.

Travel time: 40 to 50 minutes (in good traffic conditions)

Cost: €25 ($28)

Service hours: 24 hours

Service schedule: Your Efendi Travel liaison staff member will be waiting for you upon your arrival, 24/7 (private hire).

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