Istanbul Ferryboats

Istanbul Travel Guides / October 19, 2016
Istanbul Ferryboats Image credit: bass_nroll/Flickr

Ferryboats in Istanbul can save you from traffic jams if you want to get from the European side of the city to the Asian side and back.

In order to change continents, look for the following five routes: Beşiktaş-Kadıköy, Beşiktaş-Üsküdar, Eminönü-Kadıköy, Karaköy-Kadıköy and Eminönü-Üsküdar.

On weekends, ferryboats are very crowded after noon, which is why it’s recommended to make ferry trips before noon.

Service hours: 06:30-23:00 (varies depending on the route)

Service schedule: Every 15 to 30 minutes

Fares: Price is fixed at 4 TL ($1.3) if you pay in cash; and at 1.40 TL ($0.5) if you pay via Istanbulkart.

– There are three Bosphorus tours available: Full Bosphorus Cruise (20 TL = $6.67), Short Circle Cruise (10 TL = $3.33) and Moonlight Tour (only in summer season, 15 TL = $5)
– You can find big Şehir Hatları ferryboats as well as smaller ferries from such companies as TurYol and Dentur Avrasya.

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