Istanbul Travel Guides / October 19, 2016

Although it may seem that füniküler is a useless mode of transportation given its rather short-distance route, but actually it has two very crucial routes.

The Taksim-Kabataş (F1) route allows you to easily get to Taksim from the tram without having to climb the slopes. You can also take the tram from there to go to the Old City.

The Karaköy-Tünel (T) route allows you to see the historical Tünel station and takes you to Galata Bridge and other neighborhoods. From Tünel, you can take a Nostaljik tram to go to Taksim Square.

Service hours: 06:15 – 00:00 daily

Service schedule: Every 3 minutes

Fares: Price is fixed at 4 TL ($1.3) if you pay in cash; and at 2.3 TL ($0.77) if you pay via Istanbulkart.

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