Istanbul Taxis

Istanbul Travel Guides / October 19, 2016
Istanbul Taxis Image credit: scottgunn/Flickr

Taxi, which is often called Istanbul’s most problematic mode of transport, is a relatively cheap and yet not very effective way to get around in the city.

It’s because Istanbul’s traffic is always busy, especially during rush hours. And many Istanbul’s taxi drivers want to trick you out of your money.

However, there are ways that can help protect your pocket:
1. Ask the taxi driver how much he charges per 1 km.
2. Make sure the taxi driver starts the taximeter.
3. When you reach the destination, before giving your money to the taxi driver, check the amount written on the taximeter.

There are taxis driving around Istanbul 24/7, and to call a taxi all you need is to make a universally-accepted gesture, wave your hand!

Service hours: 24 hours

Fares: Opening fee is 3.45 TL ($1.14), and then 2.1 TL ($0.7) per every km.

Note: You can stop the taxi any time you want, but every minute of waiting (starting with the third minute after the vehicle stops) you’ll be charged 0.3 TL ($0.1) per minute.

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