Rejuvenate yourself in a Turkish bath

Istanbul Travel Guides / August 31, 2016
Rejuvenate yourself in a Turkish bath Image credit: Ayasofya Hürrem Sultan Hamam

A hamam or Turkish bath is the Islamic version of a sauna or steam bath. It is a method of cleansing and relaxation that was enjoyed even by members of Turkish royalty.

The whole process usually starts with a steam bath, followed by a body scrub, and culminates with a massage.

A hamam offers the best opportunity for us to relax our mind and body while learning a piece of Turkish history. Most of the hamams in Istanbul are hundreds of years old and some of them were even built for the royal families.

The beautiful historical structures also add to the appeal of Turkish baths. Visitors can enjoy a royal treatment amid the marbled floors and huge domes.

Indulge in a Turkish bath and be pampered like a Sultan!

Best hamams in Istanbul
The Süleymaniye Hamam is a historic bath, located near the Süleymaniye Mosque. It forms part of an area that is controlled by the tourism authorities so tourists are assured of safety and legitimacy. It is said that the Suleiman the Magnificent took the first bath at this royal hamam.

The Cemberlitas Hamam is one of the cleanest and well-maintained hamams in Istanbul. Its beautiful structure was built by the famed Ottoman architect, Mimar Sinan, in 1584.

Ayasofya Hürrem Sultan Hamam, also known as Roxelana’s Bath, was built in 1556 exclusively for Suleiman the Magnificent’s wife, Roxelana. It was restored and opened to the public in 2011, offering visitors a chance to relax and marvel at the wonderful architecture by Sinan the Architect.

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