Dubai Travel Guides / October 03, 2016
Atisuto Image credit: Atisuto

Once you set foot in Atisuto, you would instantly feel like you’re entering a very modern world with large paintings, graffiti art and so much more. It provides a pleasant feast for the eyes.

Two big Noh masks fronting the restaurant will welcome you and somehow prepare you for the lively and bright Mojo design inside. Atisuto means “artist” in Japan and is just aptly called so with all the lovely elements adorning the place.

With nearly 100 items on their menu, it might be difficult for one to choose. If you want to get one that will not disappoint, move your eyes to the items written in red since these are their signature dishes.

An all-time favorite is their chicken gyoza (five dumplings delicately huddled together in one gyoza wrapper paired with spicy ginger-garlic sauce). A bowl of steaming ramen is good to share with a friend if you are just a light eater. And finish off your Japanese meal with soft, dense and heavenly Japanese cheesecake.

With the setting and authentic Japanese food Atisuto offers, one will think that the fare here is expensive, but it is otherwise. Atisuto is totally worth a trip, and worth every penny, too!

What to order: Sushi, Chicken gyoza, Nasu dengaku

Price Range: 30 – 70 AED ($8.17 – $19.06)

When: 10:00 – 24:00 daily

Where: Ground Floor, Galleria Mall, 400 Al Wasl Road, Dubai

How to get there: Take a cab going to Al Wasl Road between the Emirates Post Office and Emirates NBD where Galleria Mall is. Go to the mall’s ground floor at retail unit #2.

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